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Welcome to the Timothy Smith Network!

In today's world, understanding how to effectively use a computer and the Internet is critical for people of every age.  It is the key to a better job, a richer life, a stronger community.  Yet too often, those who have not been exposed to the benefits of technology are afraid of it or don't see the role it can play in their lives. At the Timothy Smith Network, we see technology as a tool that creates possibilities, inspires action, and changes lives.

To see a short video on the impact the Timothy Smith Network has had on the people of Roxbury, click the blue image below.


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Additional Information Sessions and Classes will be posted as soon as dates are finalized.

For more information, call 617-968-3653. 


Success Stories

London at South End Technology Center at Tent City

“As a young man growing up on the streets of Boston, I had few dreams and little interest in looking beyond how I would survive the day.

After a particularly difficult period in my life, I finally landed a job at a printing company, but my roadblocks and frustrations were almost too much to bear. For instance, when Photoshop software was introduced there, I was denied the opportunity to learn it. Then a friend told me about the Timothy Smith Computer Center at the South End Technology Center at Tent City. The technology instructor agreed to train me and in return, I promised to teach others what I learned.

I continued to work at the print shop during the day and took classes, and as promised, gave classes in the evenings. Eventually I left the print shop and earned an Associate degree from Gibbs College in Boston. Today, I work at Boston Neighborhood Network as a technology instructor. However, I’m still taking classes and “giving back” at South End Technology Center. Technology changed the course of my life and helped me to realize my dreams for a productive and rewarding life.”

- London
 South End Technology Center at Tent City