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2017 Annual Meeting



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2017 Camp Manitou
Summer Dreams

2017 Highlighted Events 


Youth Capture the Colorful Cosmos Youth Summit




Timothy Smith Netwrok (TSN) is so proud of our young people who are representing themselves, their family and community this week in Washington D.C. These Students from the Youth Capture The Colorful Cosmos (YCCC) Program, in collaboration with Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the TSN will share their experience with visitors from around the world at the National Air and Space Museum.



Harvard-Smithsonian Youth Astro-Net Program



The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics’ Youth AstroNet Program allows students to request images from the MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network and process them using JS9 software to create their own astrophotographsYouth learn to control robotic telescopes, analyze images of astronomical objects using tools and techniques of professional astronomers, and interpret these images.


2016 Highlighted Programs


Sonny Walker Computer Lab: Administrative and Booking Professionals Program

This is a five month program that will teach students basic accounting principles as defined by GAAP (Generally accepted Accounting Principles). 
  Yawkey Club of Roxbury Technology Boot camp 

Lego Robotics, Coding With SCRATCH, Introduction to Adobe Photoshop, Computer Deconstruction, and more. Classes occur daily during the after school Yawkey Club program year and Summer Camp 2014-2017. Yawkey Club of Roxbury members only. 
Project Place Work Ready Program
Work ready is a four week job-readiness training program focused on the basics of preparing clients for a successful job search.  In addition clients will be assigned a career coach/case manager to assist with jobs search and provide ongoing support and resource.
  Central Elder Service Introduction to the Internet 

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to understand and demonstrate proficiency in the following topics; concepts, browsing, accessing the internet, polices, searches, and enhanced web browsing. 
  Freedom House PUSH Program

Our goal is to guild students from their freshmen year in high school, all the way to college completion. That is why we have our Push High School and Push College programs. 
  The Dimock Center Martin Luther King Summer Scholars 

Youth Entrepreneurship course sponsored by the John Hancock MLK Summer Scholars. 
Youth Design Summer Youth Time 
This core element of Youth Design addresses the critical socioeconomic needs of urban communities by providing talented youth with paid summer jobs and a pathway to success.



Legos Robtics 



During this program students are introduced to the concepts of Engineering by using various art materials and LEGO Robotics materials. Students gain experience in Designing, Building, Operating, and Programming Robotic devices to solve problems and have fun while learning at the same time. The program is designed to inspire students to take a stronger interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Parents are welcomed to participate with their children and the class.


Adobe Youth Voices


Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN) was very excited to announce, Adobe Youth Voices, a wonderful summer opportunity for Boston high school age youth to apply for a free 6 week film camp at BNN during July and August.

Participants completed:

· Film, create and edit using latest Adobe software and Macs
· Produce shows in a professional TV studio 
· Share their stories on TV and the web
· Receive a $500 stipend upon completion

To view photos of the students art, graduation and the students, click the following Logo below.  

**Note: You do not have to sign-up or sign-in to view photos, simple close the dialog box**



This program was offered in partnership with Boston Public Schools and Adobe Youth Voices, Timothy Smith Network, Mass Housing/Hood Fit, and Boston Centers for Youth and Families.


2015 Annual Meeting


Here are photos from our 2015 annual meeting. Timothy Smith Network (TSN) has a yearly meeting with all our 26 centers and funders. This year our annual meeting was hosted by the new Bruce C. Bolling building in the Innovation Center.